Wednesday, July 16, 2014

"War on The Homeless" On The SFL News

Last night's investigation piece by Bob Norman shed a light on homelessness in Ft Lauderdale in a refreshing way. How so? The most oppositional voice featured was City Commissioner Dean Trantalis. Besides that, longtime downtown homeless people and advocates told their stories and the effects of Homeless Hate Laws.

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Since the City is still on recess, this should be an interesting reflection for the people of Fort Lauderdale about the cost of enforcing the new way of life in downtown. Bob Norman's piece really brings out voices of people who have suffered the effects of the city's assault on the homeless in a way most people don't want to comfort. City Commission returns in just over 30 days!

Monday, July 14, 2014

Introducing The Mini-Comics

We're gearing up to the fall, and another attempt to pass Homeless Hate Laws in Fort Lauderdale. Here's the first of a series of Mini-comics for Fort Lauderdale Food Not Bombs being made to wake people up to how the criminalization of homeless hate laws is affecting the people of Fort Lauderdale.

Print out these mini comics and fold them up!

More mini-comics coming soon!