Thursday, April 24, 2014

Word Travels on Homeless Hate Laws

After a hum-drum write up in the Sun Sentinel, it seemed like attention on the "Homeless Hate Laws" would go right were the City officials wanted it: back under a rug somewhere. However reputable journalists and social justice minded bloggers alike have kept this issue in the spotlight. The result is more scrutiny on Fort Lauderdale's chronic homeless crisis in the public discourse in years!

Over-the-top titles like "Fort Lauderdale may now lead the Country In Heartlessness Towards The Homeless" are amusing, and encouraging - but in all seriousness, this is really meaningful to those who have been in this fight. These laws are merely window-dressing for everyday enforcement behavior, and overall lack of services available, towards the homeless. The chronically homeless and  homeless advocates have a very lonely struggle and years seem to go by with very little help. These articles focusing on downtown Fort Lauderdale is hope to many! That someone out there cares! Have a look at some of them from:

Think Progress

Op Ed News

Americans Against the Tea Party


I Acknowledge Class Warfare Exists


Before Its News

Homeless Patriot
Policy Mic



Some helpful person has also started a petition online, another useful tactic to spreading awareness on this issue - sign it here.

Next City Commission is MAY SIXTH. The final hearing for the public indecency revision and the private property ban, and possibly new ordinances will be heard that day as well. Keep spreading the word!

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