Friday, May 9, 2014

Call For Submissions: "Public Property" Art Show in Response to Anti-Homeless Law

On Tuesday, May 5th, the Fort Lauderdale City Commission effectively passed on second hearing a law banning the storage of private property in public spaces. This Homeless Hate Law has been described as "making life worse for homeless people" by "stealing their stuff." 

Some homeless advocates from Food Not Bombs have decided to respond with a public art show in Stranahan Park. The City has repeatedly denied that displacement practices such as criminalizing where people can put their belongings have a serious negative impact on the  homeless people of downtown. The City's very position of privilege seems to blind them to very notion that binding a person's behavior, and oppressing them, based on their class, is evil. Homeless advocates will continue to truthfully represent the damaging effects of the City's policy...even if we have  to get a little creative.

A simple show with a simple premise, "Public Property" will be taking submissions for the next 20 days of any medium artists wish to submit on the topic of what people can and should do with public spaces - particularly for those that have nothing but public spaces to rely on. They will be displayed the evening of Friday, May 30th, in conjunction with Fort Lauderdale Food Not  Bombs - meaning free vegan food and maybe even some music. Please contact us at swampzine at gmail  to let us  know if you would like to make a submission. We will probably have a couple of brainstorming meetings with those interested.

More info soon!

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