Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Conscienceless City Commission Passes Camping Ban

Conscienceless...rude...amoral...disrespectful...apathetic...conceited...wrong. City politicians would like to ascribe these traits to those in opposition of Fort Lauderdale's wave of homeless hate laws, but it was the City Commissioners themselves who carried themselves in this fashion last night.

One after another, homeless people and homeless advocates talked about the suffering, anguish, despair, and anger that they have experienced in the City of Fort Lauderdale at last night's City Commission. A number of them also expressed extreme displeasure at the City Commission's reaction - boredom, apathy, and annoyance. This is not even a little unusual for the City's finest public servants but was perhaps remarkable in face  of  the tragic and moving testimony from those that spoke against the camping ban, which will now take effect sometime in mid-October.

Commissioners got argumentative with some speakers but for most said nothing at all, and when all was said and done, rushed to a second vote without even a momentary discussion amongst themselves. As usual, they were in scarce, but quality company; perhaps all of 4 people came to voice support for the  camping ban, including Fort Lauderdale Chamber of Commerce's Courtney Crush, who un-ironically came dressed as Cruella Deville.

Besides the camping ban, which will allow the FLPD to stick violators in jail for 60 days or more starting next month, the City now has 4 remaining meetings this year to implement a sharing ban which is intended to wipe out the majority of food aid providers in downtown Fort Lauderdale. Please stay tuned to this site about upcoming projects to fight back  against the City's plans, including a community forum on these issues tentatively planned for October 18th.

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