Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Xmas Sharings, Ray Is Free

Love Thy Neighbor's Wednesday sharing will go on as usual on Christmas Eve  at 5:30 in front of the Bahia Mar hotel in the Beach.

Rebel food sharers including Reverend Mark Sims & Reverend Gail Tapscott will be doing Christmas lunch on Christmas Day at noon at Stranahan Park.

Fort Lauderdale Food Not Bombs will be hosting its somewhat annual "Non-Consumerist Really, Really Free Market" the day after Christmas at their regular Friday time, 4:30, in Stranahan Park. Bring holiday leftovers, unwanted gifts, and warm clothes for the extra-sized sharing. 

And of course, all these sharings will be quite legal thanks to Monday's court hearing.

The other good holiday news is that Ray Cox was released from jail last week. It will probably not come as a surprise to anyone that his long stay was a typical result of our unjust court system.  With the Judge refusing to lower his bail or release him on his own recognizance, Ray was looking at sitting in jail until February to get a trial date, so he pled no contest and was given time served. 

While injustice still prevails in Fort Lauderjail, it is a bit of a relief to know that no homeless hate law fighters will have to sit in jail through Christmas. If only that could be said of all people whose activities have been criminalized by Fort Lauderdale's Homeless Hate Laws. Cheers everyone.

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