Sunday, November 8, 2015

Support All Saints' Soup Kitchen

For years, All Saints Catholic Mission has been resisting efforts to have its food sharing criminalized by the City of Oakland Park. Last year, the City finally voted to have All Saints shut down, citing complaints by neighboring businesses and residences. The new rule adopted in 2014 banned "parishes" in this part of Oakland Park; a restriction that is solely directed at All Saints and its daily meals to the needy.

Since receiving a cease and desist order last Tuesday, the Mission has presumably been racking up thousands in citations for refusing it, this act has also prompted the parish to take new steps to demand that the City of Oakland Park stop targeting them and the people who rely on them. 

Father Bob will be leading a prayer vigil at the Mayor of Oakland Park's home this Tuesday evening, November 8th. If anyone wishes to attend they are being asked to meet at the mission at 3460 Powerline Road by 5:30 pm. According to the Mission their intent is to protest a different Oakland Park city official every week until their food sharings are decriminalized.

The policies of the City of Oakland Park, and the efforts to resist it by All Saints, is a story all too familiar for those that have resisted Fort Lauderdale's homeless hate law this past year. We hope to see many of our favorite food sharing rebels Tuesday and in the weeks ahead in the effort to keep the food flowing to the needy in Oakland Park. 

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