Friday, June 10, 2016

Storage Ban Returns to Stranahan

2 months after their first attempt, the Fort Lauderdale Police Department again announced their intent to confiscate the belongings of the homeless people who live on the sidewalk along Stranahan Park on Friday morning. If their notices are to be believed, about 15-20 or so items are marked to be confiscated sometime on Saturday.

When this happened in April, most of the marked items were replaced and advocates for the homeless kept on eye on the situation for most of the day. Police ultimately took no action. It is unclear how the FLPD intends on enforcing this law on Saturday; no FLPD officers were apparent in the area Friday afternoon and we're way past press time.

One thing that's certain is that it certainly couldn't hurt to bring some new containers to people there again and attempt to once again negate this problem. In the past two months, the City and County have failed to intervene in any meaningful way and this problem has dragged on into Summer. For now, mutual aid and solidarity will have to prevent continued enforcement of this homeless hate law.

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