Friday, July 1, 2016

Storage Ban Recovery Updates

As previously reported, at least 6 people had their belongings taken from the sidewalk outside Stranahan Park last Friday. New Times wrote a report about it, however we are going to go into a few more details.

Food Not Bombs activists brought homeless people to recover their belongings on Monday, as reported, and again on Wednesday, this time recovering a bike that was put in the evidence room. Unfortunately several people whose belongings were taken seem to have already given up on getting them back and many things are still at the police station.

In both cases, activists reported that FLPD seemed to be clueless about how to handle situation, even going as far as saying that they did not know how to go about enforcing these laws on the street.

 As one activist put it, "My first interaction in helping someone get their property back was a cold unknowing indifference by the people who illegitimately stole it. The front desk didn’t have a clue, the evidence room didn’t have a clue, and we were forced to sit and wait for someone, anyone, who could help. Eventually, after nearly an hour of waiting, a sergeant strolls in, embodying the essence of flippancy and indifference, allowed our friend to rejoin himself with his blue huffy bicycle while seemingly lecturing him how “he must remember to behave himself” by virtue of his homelessness."

LAPD removing homeless people's property in Skid Row, 3.2016
from the LA Times
At this time, it would seem that the City isn't even enforcing the sharing ban law they passed but using existing laws about "abandoned or lost property" to clear things away when the Women's Club is having an event. As we've mentioned before, enforcing anti-homeless storage laws have been a lawsuit-riddled minefield for other cities. While we are NOT legal experts, it would seem that mis-applying even more laws to discriminate against homeless people is probably not going to work much better.

Will the City try this again, on a regular basis, or just when the Women's Club has a check to cash? Time will tell. While the City and County have both recently claimed that they are taking action on these issues, at this time that action has yet to manifest. July will be Month 3 for the City of Fort Lauderdale's attempts at enforcing a storage ban on Stranahan Park.


  1. Yep, I wish they had the balls to just come out and say it is #Illegal2BHomeless rayher then hiding it like this.

  2. So... The FLPD take your items, as instructed months ago, then when you try to recover them in the same way as instructed to reclaim FLPD is clueless as to where they are? SMH in utter disgust! You, Fort Lauderdale, set how bogus laws to take someones property, set out CLEAR SPECIFIC actions that someone, who likely has virtually nothing, to reclaim their personal property and you don't have the proper staff in place to handle this! That was real smart Jack Seiler (sp?) and company. Follow your own rules...when your going to remove someones personal belongings you DO NOT need additional hoops, more than the ridiculous ones you already put into play, they should have to jump through to reclaim THEIR VERY OWN PROPERTY!
    God bless the human rights activists down there to help 💞❤

  3. The democrat republican party screwing the people once again. Just one more reason I will be voting for the Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson for president.

  4. The democrat republican party screwing the people once again. Just one more reason I will be voting for the Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson for president.

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