Sign On To Resist

How can you help to stop these laws from being used to further abuse Fort Lauderdale's most needy people?

Stop the Sharing Ban
Enforcement is currently stopped until the first week of February. Support your weekly sharings anyway!
Love Thy Neighbor at Bahia Mar on the Beach Wednesdays at 5:30 pm, Sundays at Stranahan Park
Fort Lauderdale Food Not Bombs in Stranahan Park Fridays at 4:30 pm
PB&J Project Monday-Thursday at 5:30 pm outside Stranahan Park

If you are a group that is currently or planning to share in downtown in violation of the sharing ban please let us know and we will add you to this list and possibly add your experiences as updates on this blog.

Reaching out to proponents of the sharing ban is another way to chip away at its support until it is finally thrown out.

Mayor Seiler 954-828-5003 @jackseiler
Vice Mayor Rogers 954-828-5004
Commissioner Roberts 954-828-5004
Commissioner Trantalis 954-828-5923

Downtown Development Authority 954-463-6574
Chairman John Ropes 954-525-6600
Vice-Chair Michael Weymouth 954-463-5630

Fort Lauderdale Chamber of Commerce 954-462-6000
President Dan Linblade 954-462-4911 @fllchamber
Executive Committee Chair Courtney Crush 954-522-2010

Fort Lauderdale Woman's Club

Las Olas Boulevard Association

The Las Olas Company

Riverwalk Fort Lauderdale

Flagler Village Civic Association

Fort Lauderdale Police Department

Police Chief Frank Addderly

Winterfest Fort Lauderdale

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Help Spread Public Awareness

In many places these types of laws have evoked a strong public outcry that has stopped them from being enforced. We believe that there are enough people in Fort Lauderdale with compassion for the poverty stricken that these laws can be stopped. The outrage over the treatment of Love Thy Neighbor and other groups through the sharing ban has made Fort Lauderdale the subject of international shame and scorn.
Along with these other stories, please share this site with your friends!

The hunger strikes are currently on hiatus for if/when the sharing ban is enforced again.

Advocate for the Homeless
The people working on this project are all engaged in types of on the ground homeless advocacy. In order to stop these laws we need more help engaging with the homeless community, gathering information, sharing resources, and acting as a deterrent for anti-homeless police activity.


  1. I'm glad to have found your site. I will help however I can. This is ludicrous. People have a basic human need that has to be met. The city's solution is the same many cities are adopting and regulating hunger and homelessness is ridiculous. It solves nothing. They need to see that a compassionate approach to a growing problem is the necessary and only way