Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Sharing Ban is Law

They got the message.
Fort Lauderdale Food Not Bombs, Love Thy Neighbor, and Project Downtown had a nice spread out at the start of the City Commission, unfortunately the FLPD must've misread the invite and came  prepared for a small  riot. Instead people unhappy with the sharing ban law drowned out the City Commission from the outside for at least 2 hours with chants like "Jack Seiler Hates The Homeless" and "Your Power...Your Fault" and many more until the police moved them away from the  windows of the Chamber.

The City of Fort Lauderdale took until almost 2 am to begin hearing the sharing ban law. After deciding they needed to do more to expand the law for the entire city and protect rich interests such as Flagler Village, they passed it. What else can we say at this point?

Enforcement of this law begins on Friday, October 31st, which is when Fort Lauderdale Food Not Bombs shares every week. We ask everyone join together to resist the sharing ban here and any other sharings happening through the weekend and going forward until the food rights of everyone involved are protected from the City of Fort Lauderdale.

We will have a lot more information about the 31st and other plans to stop this law very soon. For now check out the highlight reel from the first hearing 2 weeks ago or also some of the local coverage from last night.

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