Saturday, October 25, 2014

Week of Action October 31st - November 7th

With the passing of a new "sharing ban" regulation, the City of Fort Lauderdale has fulfilled its regime of "Homeless Hate Laws" along with new restrictions of going to the bathroom in public, panhandling, storage on public property, and camping. It joins 21 other cities that have created laws to restrict food sharings in the last 2 years.

Starting on October 31st the vast majority of groups that share food outdoors with the homeless will essentially be outlawed, particularly since so far it looks like most of these groups are going to be disobeying the sharing ban law. We are calling on the public to join us in a week of extra-legal food shares and protests in resistance to the criminalization of homelessness here and everywhere.

Friday, October 31st: 1st day of enforcement. Resist the Sharing Ban with Fort Lauderdale Food Not Bombs at Stranahan Park, 10 E. Broward Blvd, at 5 will be a very memorable outlaw's Halloween food share.

Saturday, November 1st: Project Downtown sharing, same location, 1 pm

Sunday, November 2nd: Love Thy Neighbor sharing, same location, 1 pm

Monday, November 3rd: #resisthomelesshatelaws Online Day of Action. This is for everyone: no matter where you are we need you to tell Fort Lauderdale, NO HOMELESS HATE LAWS!

Tuesday, November 4th: Vote with Yr Feet: March Against Homeless Hate Laws 10 am Federal Courthouse

Friday, November 7th/All Week: Day of Solidarity. To mark 1 week of the sharing ban law we are calling on Food Not Bombs chapters and other solidarity groups to hold their own food sharings or protests as Fort Lauderdale Food Not Bombs shares again on Friday, same time, same place. We particularly call for cities that have their own sharing ban problems to demonstrate support and resistance. For a complete list look here. Please look at the online day of action for links and resources that may be helpful for planning something.

Please get in touch with us and let us know about solidarity actions or if you want to add any other event to this week in Ft Lauderdale or anywhere else. While we may be able to help invite people to your actions please also feel free to plan and act autonomously.

If you are a food sharer in downtown Fort Lauderdale that will be sharing during this week PLEASE LET US KNOW we want everyone that is opposed to these laws to be aware of them.

More to come...

Resist Homeless Hate Laws Week of Action
October 31st-November 7th

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