Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Anti-Homeless Incumbents Re-Elected... Fight For Downtown Continues

Mayor Seiler and temporary appointment Phil McKinzie easily won their election challenges Tuesday, with only 7% of Fort Lauderdale's eligible voters participating. It would appear that the City's "Midnight Monarchy" will continue regardless of its unpopular attacks on equality and human rights.

The 5 lawsuits against the city by homeless advocates will continue to try to stop the sharing ban in the court system...several other important decisions for the fate of downtown will also be decided over the coming weeks.

The City is requesting permission from the County for thousands of new residential units to be built in downtown in coordination with the development of the "All Aboard Florida" commuter rail station. The County is actually asking for greater requirements for affordable housing in these plans as only 15% of the housing proposed are expected for, and we quote, "normal folks." Absolutely none of this housing, of course, is planned for "homeless folks," particularly those that have been living in these same areas of downtown for years. Further discussion of these developments are expected next week at the Broward County Commission meeting.

Food Not Bombs will also continue to its quest to help the homeless crisis through direct democracy and direct action, including at their weekly Wednesday protests, now in their 2nd continuous month. It takes place every Wednesday at 7 pm in front of YOLO. Join the ongoing resistance to homeless hate laws!

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