Thursday, February 12, 2015

Sharing Ban Revisited, Tuesday Feb 17th

The City's agenda for next Tuesday's Commission meeting brings the sharing ban back to public hearing. This will be the first "homeless hate law" the City has discussed at their meetings since they originally passed the sharing ban back in October.

Despite a deluge of public comment, the City is not re-visiting the sharing ban in order  to make major changes to it. In fact it seems that the only amendment they are considering is to add a  few extra blocks to the "sharing zones" in the area of Flagler Village where it will be considered permissible to share food (and only for those in total compliance with the many "health and safety" regulations imposed on outdoor food sharings.)

3 months after enforcement of the sharing ban made Fort Lauderdale an international laughingstock, the City has made no real suggestions or compromises to allow food aid  to legally continue downtown.

5 lawsuits continue to challenge the "Unified Land Regulations" on "Outdoor Food Distribution Centers." Ft Lauderdale City Commissions  themselves have gotten to  be pretty rowdy lately; the last meeting was the 2nd time within 3 months where someone protesting City policy was arrested for disrupting the City Commission.

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