Sunday, November 2, 2014

Defiance to Sharing Ban Begins; First Ticket Issued

10.31.14, First outlaw sharing / John Penley
Fort Lauderdale Food Not Bombs shared heaps of food and  clothes with about 100 people Friday in Stranahan Park on Halloween. Some police were walking around the library taking pictures of homeless people but did not enter the park. It was a peaceful occasion all the way until volunteers started packing up, when several police cars abruptly pulled into the Women's Club parking lot. They announced that the park was closed and that everyone needed to get out in an aggressive, ominous tone. Several FLPD officers followed everyone to the sidewalk and then promptly left everyone alone.

Bob Norman filmed part of his latest segment on the criminalization of homelessness at this sharing. Interestingly, the Mayor is quoted in this video as saying that if police observe people sharing food that they will very likely be subject to arrest.

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Police escort out of Stranahan Park / John Penley
First Ticket Issued for Sharing Food

Several eyewitnesses downtown have confirmed that the first ticket for sharing food has been issued. A volunteer from the car bringing food was also arrested for giving a false name. While who these person are or what organization they are with is currently unknown, it seems they were likely picked out for being one of many sharers who drop food off with 1 or 2 people. These sharings actually constitute a large amount of the food distribution at Stranahan Park and the smallness of their groups seem to make them more vulnerable.

Anyone with more information on this situation that took place around 1:30 pm on Saturday, November 1st, or anyone who wants to help more with helping observe downtown sharings in the immediate future please contact us.

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