Monday, November 10, 2014

Sharing Ban Week 2: Solidarity Hunger Fast & More

Fort Lauderdale's sharing ban has become an international disgrace, and the public's response to these terrible laws is growing week by week. Welcome to week 2!

Weekend Recap

Love Thy Neighbor escaped the bad weather and any ticketing by sharing inside the 5th Avenue Church of God Sunday. However, Homeless Voice & Planting Peace volunteers were ticketed for sharing pizzas in front of City Hall Monday night and claim to be doing the same again tomorrow.

This Week
The Homeless Voice will be protesting the Mayor's house at 10 am on Wednesday. Love Thy Neighbor is also doing their rogue beach sharing in front of the Bahia Mar hotel Wednesday at 5:30.  Anonymous is also protesting in support at the same location.

On Thursday, Fort Lauderdale Food Not Bombs will be attending the Downtown Development Authority's monthly board meeting. FNB is continuing to pressure this entity and others to drop their support of the Homeless Hate Laws.

24 Hour Hunger Fast to Resist Homeless Hate Laws

A huge online solidarity action for hunger striker Jillian Pim is planned for this Friday, 11.14. Jillian will be sitting outside City Hall from 10 am - 4 pm Friday, the 13th day of her strike, for an all day press conference. Hundreds of people have pledged to go on a 24 hour hunger fast in solidarity and will be posting selfies describing why they are doing this under  the hashtag #resisthomelesshatelaws. Jillian pledges to continue her strike until enforcement of this law is stopped or the law is overturned. Afterwards, Fort Lauderdale Food Not Bombs will be defying the sharing ban for the 3rd week Friday afternoon at 4:30 at Stranahan Park.

Please attend and support this effort and also continue to spread the word of the hunger strike.

Sharing ban resistance, solidarity actions and protests by other groups are piling up by the day. We will try to post info on as many of them as possible as they are coming up. 

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