Thursday, November 6, 2014

Hunger Strike Solidarity & More

Jillian Pim of Fort Lauderdale Food Not Bombs is on Day 5 tonight of her hunger strike against the sharing  ban. Please check out this video and look at some of the contact info below for the officials responsible for the sharing ban that is currently depriving homeless people of desperately needed food aid.

Mayor Seiler 954-828-5003 @jackseiler
Vice Mayor Rogers 954-828-5004
Commissioner Roberts 954-828-5004
Commissioner Trantalis 954-828-5923

Downtown Development Authority 954-463-6574
Chairman John Ropes 954-525-6600
Vice-Chair Michael Weymouth 954-463-5630

Fort Lauderdale Chamber of Commerce 954-462-6000
President Dan Linblade 954-462-4911 @fllchamber
Executive Committee Chair Courtney Crush 954-522-2010 @CrushEsq

Tweetstorm on twitter and instagram with some of our memes or use your own. #resisthomelesshatelaws

More City of Fort Lauderdale Twitters:

@franka525 (Chief of Police Frank Adderly, ask him to not enforce homeless hate laws!)

Fort Lauderdale Food Not Bombs shares again tomorrow at 4:30. Who knows what  will happen?

You can also support Food Not Bombs and the Hunger Strike through this defense fund.

Arnold Abbott Ticketed Again

The shutdown of Love Thy Neighbor on Sunday and repeat ticketing on Wednesday has turned into an international news item. It is important to note that unlike Sunday, LTN was allowed to complete their sharing and then were ticketed afterwards.

Other Solidarity Actions

Solidarity actions have been popping up in many places, such as "Give A Sandwich (and a fuck)." Anonymous #OpHumanity also released this video today:

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