Sunday, November 2, 2014

Food Sharings Shut Down 11.2.2014, Hunger Strike Declared

At least two food sharings were disrupted on Sunday, November 2nd next to Stranahan Park. One street ministry was prevented from sharing food and later Love Thy Neighbor managed to share about 4 plates of food before being taken aside and given "Notice to Appear" tickets under the new sharing ban regulations. At least 4 people were giving tickets over the weekend including 2 clergy and 90 year old homeless advocate Arnold Abbott. Video and pictures are below.

Homeless Advocate Declares Hunger Strike in Response to Sharing Ban Enforcement

Jillian Pim, a resident of Dania, FL, and volunteer with Fort Lauderdale Food Not Bombs, will begin a hunger strike on 11/2/14 to protest the Fort Lauderdale City Commission's approval of the "Amendment to unified land development regulations," which bans the sharing of food in public spaces. The law was passed on October 22, 2014, and was part of a series of laws targeting the homeless which have been heavily opposed by local churches and homeless advocacy groups, including Food Not Bombs, Peanut Butter and Jelly Project, Love Bags, Project Downtown, and Love Thy Neighbor.
Since this May, Fort Lauderdale has passed ordinances restricting panhandling, the storage of belongings in public areas, camping in public, and now the sharing of food. Fort Lauderdale Food Not Bombs has been campaigning for and sharing food with the homeless since 2006, and has recently been opposing what they refer to as “Homeless Hate Laws” through public food sharing, demonstrations, marches, street theater, and direct opposition to the laws at City Commission meetings.
“The criminalization of food sharing with homeless people is a fundamental violation of basic humanity and morality,” says Jillian Pim, a member of Fort Lauderdale Food Not Bombs who begins her hunger strike today. “I choose to go on hunger strike until this law is repealed or enforcement of it is stopped. I call on the people of Fort Lauderdale and everywhere else to demand that the Mayor, City Commission, Chamber of Commerce, Downtown Development Authority, and all other supporters of these homeless hate laws abondon the criminalization of poverty.”
There are now an estimated 3.5 million homeless Americans, but since January 2013, thirty-one U.S. cities have introduced or passed legislation to restrict food sharing programs. "It is appalling that basic human kindness is an arrestable offense," says Pim.

Week of Action to #resisthomelesshatelaws Begins

Tomorrow is an online day of action to #resisthomelesshatelaws. Check out the event page and help send to the message to backers of the sharing ban that this is not the answer!

On Tuesday we will be "Voting with Our Feet" in downtown Fort Lauderdale. We will be marching to hold the City accountable for its terrible policies that are literally preventing food aid from going out to extremely needy people in the midst of a cold snap. 

We also ask anyone and everyone to spend a few hours at Stranahan Park this week and observe any interactions between the FLPD and food sharers. After a quiet first couple of days it seems like enforcement may be ongoing daily for the time being. Sharings usually happen several times most afternoons in varying frequency.

Join us!


  1. Can we get the emails and phone numbers of the city council members who passed this ordinance? This ought to be sent to John Oliver so he can do to the city council and the police department what he did to the FCC on Net Neutrality. They got so much hate mail that it crashed their website.

    1. Mayor Seiler 954-828-5003 @jackseiler
      Vice Mayor Rogers 954-828-5004
      Commissioner Roberts 954-828-5004
      Commissioner Trantalis 954-828-5923

      Downtown Development Authority 954-463-6574
      Chairman John Ropes 954-525-6600
      Vice-Chair Michael Weymouth 954-463-5630

      Fort Lauderdale Chamber of Commerce 954-462-6000
      President Dan Linblade 954-462-4911 @fllchamber
      Executive Committee Chair Courtney Crush 954-522-2010 @CrushEsq

      Tweetstorm on twitter and instagram with some of our memes or use your own. #resisthomelesshatelaws

      More City of Fort Lauderdale Twitters:

      @franka525 (Chief of Police Frank Adderly, ask him to not enforce homeless hate laws!)

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