Thursday, November 27, 2014

Thankful for Strikers/Minicomics

Take a moment out of the holiday weekend to appreciate those who are resisting Fort Lauderdale's Homeless Hate Laws through their hunger strike.

After 25 days, Jillian Pim ended her hunger strike on Tuesday to rebuild her strength for the long fight to end the sharing ban.

Thursday Addams is on day 14. Dezeray Lyn and Chris Mince from Tampa are on day 5, recently joined by Samantha Portis also of Tampa. Their sacrifices will continue to keep the pressure on the City of Fort Lauderdale as we head into the holiday season and upcoming court cases.

See also the new  "Homeless Hate Law" minicomic "The Great Fort Lauderdale Food Fight," which briefly recaps the momentous sea change we've experienced this month. Get them all here.

Click the link to get the reading version. Click on images to enlarge the printable version:

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