Saturday, November 8, 2014

Food Not Bombs Shut Down on Friday

While most attention remains on Arnold Abbott (who despite many news items to the contrary, was not physically arrested either Sunday or Wednesday), the sharing ban finally came for Fort Lauderdale Food Not Bombs Friday. Although the police were waiting as volunteers set up the sharing, they actually left for about an hour and re-appeared after about 3/4's of the food had been shared. 2 volunteers were handcuffed and taken to jail for refusing to stop sharing, and another was given a "notice to appear" ticket much like those given out in the past week. They are the first to be  physically detained and arrested under the Fort Lauderdale sharing ban, despite any misinformed news stories or blogs where you may have heard otherwise.

Damien, Nikki, & Jimmy shortly before arrests
Nik Rye and Damien Gabriel of Food Not Bombs have already gotten some pretty deep treatment from Channel 10's Bob Norman, with more to come. Jimmy Dunson, a long-time Food Not Bombs volunteer, has been arrested for illegally sharing food with the homeless in Tampa, Orlando, and now Fort Lauderdale, which needless to say is a bit unique. All were free by 11 pm without posting bail.

This marks the first time that this writer, at least, can really remember that the police forcibly shut down a Food Not Bombs chapter's sharing anywhere in South Florida. If anything, the FLPD's and Park Ranger's empty threats and bluffs over the years to shut down these sharings had become a running joke a long time ago.

The  bad press is sure to keep rolling for the City of Fort Lauderdale, and these videos below surely deserve to go as viral as the one from last Sunday. Please share them with press outlets and independent media sources.

 Jillian Pim's hunger strike is now on day 6. Please also spread this video:

Project Downtown shares at 1 pm today. We wish them luck.


  1. Cant make it down right away bit planning a phone bank to call Ft Laudy city reps. Would like to make it down to help over the next few weeks. How/where can people send financial help?

    1. see previous post "hunger strike solidarity" for all contact information, also has the donation link which i will also post here:

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  3. I started a fundraiser for Mr. Abbott and would appreciate anyone who can donate to do so. All funds will go directly to Mr. Abbott (less gofundme's percentage) to help him in his fight with the city.

    Even if you can not donate please share the link via your social media and email accounts, as the more eyeballs who read this man's story the more we can collectively help him in his fight. Link for the fundraiser is:

  4. I've ready this article 3 times now and still can't believe the audacity. Mr. Abbott has been serving the needs of the homeless in Ft. Lauderdale longer than some of you have been alive and he will continue long after most of you have packed up and gone off to block boats or something. How dare you make light of this man's achievements in order to glorify yourself....THEN YOU ASK FOR DONATIONS? Arnold Abbott owns a web page,, where anyone can donate to his SELFLESS cause. He is the only man deserving here.