Monday, November 24, 2014

Hunger Strikes, Protests Increase As City Retreats

Sharings this week were police-free
for the first time in November.
Dezeray Lyn and Chris Mince of Tampa Food Not Bombs are joining Jillian Pim and Thursday Addams in abstaining from food until Fort Lauderdale's controversial food-sharing ordinance is either repealed or no longer enforced. As of today Jill is on day 23 of hunger strike, and Thursday is on day 12.

The last week  has seen many sharings go completely uninterrupted by police, including Love Thy Neighbor's on Wednesday and Food Not Bombs' on Friday. Both were under  noticeable surveillance but it is unclear if or when anyone  will be ticketed as a result of these illegal food sharings. They come at the same time as the first hearings for food sharing violations and for civil and religious freedom lawsuits reach the courts.

Rogue Park sharing uploaded 11.19.14
City Commissioner Dean Trantalis is even holding a public forum tonight on the crisis. Notably, the narrative being passed by the supporters of the sharing ban is not playing out well in the media.

In the meantime, rogue sharings and protests against supporters of the sharing ban continue, including on Sunday. Fort Lauderdale Food Not Bombs had its first protest against businesses downtown owned by supporters of the sharing ban. Tim Petrillo, owner of Tarpon Bend, is also the treasurer of the Downtown Development Authority, which has been instrumental in efforts to criminalize and displace homeless people downtown. Tarpon Bend's customers heard all about this relationship yesterday as protesters chanted and handed out literature in front of the Himmarshee restaurant for about an hour Sunday evening during the big football game, whatever that was.

Solidarity efforts continue including what is now a weekly protest in front of the US embassy in  London against homeless hate laws.

After Thanksgiving there will be 2 more big protest/outlaw sharings, the Outlaw Black Friday Really Really Free Market and Mass Action: Stop Criminalizing The Homeless on Saturday. The Free Market will not only be an extra-sized sharing for goods like clothes, blankets, and toiletries, but  it's a great time to share Thanksgiving leftovers!

Tarpon Bend protest 11.23.14 c/o Invisible People FTL
30 days of enforcement is coming soon...Christmas is Still Canceled.

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  1. New city strategy, don't enforce until media attention dies down. Then re introduce enforcement. They are betting the media will see it as an old story and not re engage.